The Counter Extremism Project (CEP) is a not-for-profit, non-partisan, international policy organization formed to combat the growing threat from extremist ideologies. Led by a renowned group of former world leaders and diplomats it combats extremism by pressuring financial and material support networks; countering the narrative of extremists and their online recruitment; and advocating for smart laws, policies, and regulations.

Extremists are spreading their ideology and recruiting support across the globe, posing a complex and urgent challenge that cannot be addressed by government alone. There is a responsibility for private groups and individuals to organize in opposition to extremists. To this end, CEP is:

  • Assembling an extensive research and analysis database on extremist groups and their networks of support, providing an indispensable resource to governments, the media, NGOs and civil society organizations, and the general public;
  • Exposing channels of financial and material support to extremist groups;
  • Using the latest communications, social media, and technological tools to identify and reveal the extremist threat and directly counter extremist ideology and recruitment online; and
  • Assisting policymakers around the world to devise legislation and regulations that effectively combat extremism.


Key Pillars of Work

Clearinghouse of Research and Analysis of Extremist Groups, Persons, and Entities:

CEP strives to build and maintain its best-in-class research and analysis databases on extremist groups, including their ideology, leaders, history, financing, violent activities, tactics, and rhetoric.

Digital Disruption:

CEP has pioneered efforts to combat extremists’ radicalization and recruitment tactics online. CEP has called on Internet companies, in particular social media platforms, to take action and adopt policies to stop the misuse of social media and online tools. Our #CEPDigitalDisruption is a rigorous crowdsourcing campaign that identifies and exposes extremists who have weaponized social media platforms for their nefarious purposes. CEP is also developing a robust technological solution that will allow Internet and social media companies to quickly remove extremist content—images, video, and audio—from their platforms.

Counter-Narrative and Youth Engagement:

In September 2015, CEP co-hosted the Global Youth Summit Against Violent Extremism in New York City with support from the U.S. State Department and White House. The Summit brought together youth from around the world to showcase their innovative CVE work, and announced the Global Youth Action Agenda to Prevent Violent Extremism and Promote Peace. CEP also launched its One95 program, an online networking, education, and funding hub for youth leaders.

Financial Exposure and Pressure Activities:

CEP conducts extensive research on extremist groups’ financial pathways to identify and expose their financial, professional, and material support networks. CEP pursues comprehensive advocacy campaigns to compel individuals and organizations to cease operations and activities that support extremists.

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